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Owners of all vessels entering onto the Haulout/Hardstand area shall be current financial members of Sandspit Yacht Club Inc. However, provided space is available and members are not inconvenienced, vessels owned by non-members and commercial vessels may use the Haulout/Hardstand facilities on approval of the Haulout/Hardstand Manager or Club Secretary at fees listed on the Schedule or otherwise deemed suitable for the vessel.
2 All bookings for the Club facilities – Haulout, Hardstand, Storage, Mooring, Wharf Usage etc. must be made through the Club Secretary. The Haul, Store & Launch Contract shall be completed and signed by vessel owners prior to hauling. These forms are available from the Club Secretary.
3 The Officers, Executives, Club Manager/Secretary and Slip Master or one of the approved deputies may refuse to haul, launch or store any vessel/craft at their own discretion.
4 No 1 Ramp and the Hardstand area have been provided for the purpose of hauling out and providing hardstand storage for vessels. At all times the use of the area for such purposes will take precedence over all other uses.
5 All vessels are hauled out, stored on the hardstand, and launched at their owner’s or owners’ risk, and the Club shall not be liable for any injury to any person, or any theft from, or loss or damage to any vessel/craft, including rigging, spars, equipment, furnishings, running gear, chattels etc. or otherwise pertaining to any other vessel/craft/vehicle whatsoever, and however arising, while a vessel is stored on the Hardstand area, or in the course of hauling out, or launching the same.
Owners will take full responsibility for any damage or personal injury that they cause, as a result of their action or instructions, while the boat is being hauled out, stored or launched at the club premises.
Vessels will only be hauled or launched by the Slip Master or approved Deputy Slip Masters. The Slip Master or any person authorised by him shall have the right to move any vessel/craft on the Hardstand and Storage area and to facilitate the hauling up, moving or launching of any vessel/craft for the efficient use of the area, and in so doing, will not be responsible for any loss or damage or injury resulting therefrom.
The owner of any vessel/craft hauled up, stored or launched indemnifies the Sandspit Yacht Club Inc, it’s Volunteers, Officers, Executives and employees against all claims by any person for injury, loss or damage resulting from the use, on or about his craft, of any electrical equipment powered from the Club’s electricity supply sockets, whether by himself or others, and shall ensure that all such electrical equipment is maintained in good order and condition, and complies in all aspects with the NZ Wiring Regulations. Users are advised that it is safer to use one appliance from each socket.
The owner of the vessel shall supply an approved and adequate cradle or like appliance for supporting the vessel, and shall be responsible for the proper placing of the vessel thereon. It is also their responsibility to adjust the cradle to suit the vessel/craft being hauled or stored.
Officers, Executives or employees of the Club may board any vessel on the Hardstand area and take whatever steps are considered necessary in the interests of safety or convenience of either that vessel or any other craft, and shall not be responsible for any damage resulting from that action.
Charges and Fees will be invoiced on a monthly basis and full payment is expected within 7 days of invoice date, with the exception of vessels stored in the Restricted Storage Area, charges which will be invoiced quarterly in advance and are expected to be paid in full within 7 days of invoice date.
Final charges will be invoiced prior to launching and must be paid in full before any vessel or craft can be removed or launched from the Club premises.
Charges and fees shall be in accordance with those fixed by resolution of the Club at the AGM and may change from time to time.
Prior approval is required from the Haulout/Hardstand Manager or Club Manager for the following activities: sandblasting, water blasting and spray painting.
No dry sanding of antifoul paint is permitted. Wet sanding is only permitted on the concrete work areas. This area must be washed down and left free of paint residue after use.
No grinding or sandblasting of steel is allowed to be undertaken on Club premises.
All scaffolding, ladders, bracing and tents, must comply with OSH guidelines and standards.
Access to the ramps must be kept clear at all times.
Member’s vehicles must be parked in the areas specified by the Executive Committee.
Cradles are to be removed from the Haulout area within 7 days of the vessel launching. The Haulout/Hardstand Manager or Club Manager/Secretary may authorize certain cradles and/or wheelers to remain on the Club premises.
21 All cradles must clearly display the name of the owner or that of the vessel. Any unidentified or unauthorized cradles or wheelers remaining on the Club premises may be removed and sold by tender to defray expenses.
22 All rubbish must be removed from and around the vessel/craft on a daily basis. The Hardstand site must be cleared of all trestles, blocks etc. at the time of launching. Failure to do so will result in penalty charges.
23 The Club shall have the right to sell any vessel by public tender to recover any charges or fees payable in respect of such vessel if payment in full has not been made within 30 days after a demand for payment has been made.
24 The slipway or jetty shall not be used for the loading or unloading of machinery, equipment or materials for commercial use from barge, scow or any vessel designated for such use unless approved by the Executive Committee or Haulout/Hardstand Manager.
25 The launching or retrieving of any craft or vessel (excluding dinghies) on No 1 ramp will be carried out only by arrangement with the Slip Master, Haulout/Hardstand Manager or Secretary.
26 Failure to comply with the above conditions may incur penalty charges.


Click here for haulout contract form (.PDF)


For all haulout and hardstand bookings call the Club Office 425 9008