SYC Sailing Division Update as at 17 Feb 2017


17 February 2017

To clarify a little about how the SYC Sailing Division works with our races, social events and sponsors.

Skim read the bits you're interested in, and/or save for when you have time to digest.

Some people find the cross-over with the racing and social side of sailing a bit confusing.

The Sailing Division at SYC is run by a committee headed by Sailing Division Convenor Jeremy Noakes.  Together, they organise races, work through rules and regulations, set courses etc.

These races may take place on a Friday evening (Friday Night Series), or on Saturday or Sunday (Summer Series).

Most of these races conclude with drinks and a prize-giving at a pre-determined spot.

The Friday night races are sponsored by Warkworth Super Liquor.

The Summer Series is sponsored by Mahurangi Marine (their main sponsor being Yanmar), hence the 'Yanmar Mahurangi Marine Summer Series'.

In addition, some of these races are further supported by the invitation to ALL SYC members to join the racers at the conclusion of the race so that more enhanced social interaction may take place.

There are also purely social 'races' whereby anyone with a boat can join in by going around a given course at their leisure with the object being to have a pleasant day out on the water with an organised function at the conclusion.   Conway Stewart is the organiser of the social side of these events, working in with Jeremy.  Conway has rallied up a group of sponsors and because of their generosity, a light-hearted atmosphere in the 'races' is maintained and the prospect of 'winning' a spot prize makes it all the more fun.

The primary sponsor of the 'Cruising and Social Programme' is Matakana Marine (their main sponsor is Volvo Penta). In addition, Conway has rallied up the support of a second tier of sponsors, in Rush Coffee Matakana, Burnsco Marine, Savnac Sails (also known at The Canvasman Peter Warden), Liquorland, Brick Bay Wines, Fish & Dive Snells Beach and New World Warkworth.

I'm clarifying the above, because it gets confusing when 'we' talk about a race from Jeremy's point of view, and/or from Conway's because sometimes of course they merge.  It can also be quite trying when we give credit to the sponsors and show their logos whilst doing our best to correctly align them to their respective worthy events.

So now you know.

As the weeks go by, more and more people are cottening onto the social opportunities offered by the formula described above and it's working well.  The racing and social calendar starts in October and runs through until Easter so there's still an opportunity for you to join in.

On the SYC calendar going forward is:

Sat 18 Feb - Single-handed race - Race #6 of the Mahurangi Marine Summer Series.  (Followed by Music in the Gardens event at Mansion House from 2.30pm)

Sat 25 Feb - Tour de Kawau - a cruising event sponsored by Matakana Marine/Volvo Penta. BBQ at Mansion House to follow (or drinks at KBC if weather inclement).

Sat 25 Feb - Members of the Onerahi Yacht Club and Whangarei Cruising Club meet at SYC 1800hrs - see below.

Fri 3 March - 'Route 66' - a 66 nautical mile race from Auckland to Whangarei Heads/Marsden Cove.  An annual event organised by Richmond Yacht Club in association with Onerahi Yacht Club. No doubt several boats from SYC will be entering this one.  Click here for more info.

Sat 11 March - Ladies Race - Race #7 of the Mahurangi Marine Summer Series.  See below for rules and regulations.

Sat 11 March - Cruisers are invited to come along and support the ladies race by joining them (and their partners/family/friends) at the after-match function with a BYO BBQ meal at Mansion House (approx 1700hrs).  If weather is inclement, the socialising will take place at Kawau Boating Club.

Sat 18 March - Race # 8 of the Mahurangi Marine Summer Series

Sat 1 April - Race #9 of the Mahurangi Marine Summer Series

Fri 14 - Mon 17 April - Easter Cruise to Barrier or Coromandel - a social 'race' for all members; yachts, launches etc.

SYC Cruising and Social Programme - sponsored by Matakana Marine / Volvo Penta

.... and co-sponsored by the following:

Re-capping Waitangi Weekend (4-6 February) - from Conway

It seems a while back now, but I think everyone will agree that Waitangi Weekend was A CRACKER.  The sun came out. The wind was fair and the turnout of boats from SYC and Clearwater Cove Yacht Club was impressive with 18 boats in total; 10 from SYC and 8 from CCYC. A close yet friendly race around a few islands was enjoyed by all.  At last the waters had warmed sufficiently for the greater majority to enjoy swimming.  Then we capped things off with another round of excellent socialising at the Kawau Boating Club with our 'guests'.  The results of the racing are reported elsewhere but from my perspective as a “cruiser” the weekend could not have been much better.  I saw the usual racing boats from the Club but I also saw a heap of other Club members out at Kawau in their own boats or crewing for others.  Good one guys.  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did.  I am sure that the Clearwater Yacht Club members also thoroughly enjoyed their weekend, as we did in their company.  And  - just about everyone that I saw was flying their Club burgee.  Yeeha!!  Bon Accord was SYC Central that weekend!

Re-capping last weekend (11-12 February)

Another cruising event was held in conjunction with an interclub race with the Gulf Harbour Yacht Club.

This was a 'no extras' cruising race with the two clubs coming together and racing around a course.  This was followed by the usual social get together with SYC boats in addition to those who raced, at Kawau Boating Club at 1730hrs, whereby spot prizes were given out to all those who turned up.  The spot prizes include the usual $100 voucher from Matakana Marine, wonderful coffee from Rush Coffee (Matakana), bottles of Brick Bay wine, Burnsco vouchers and products and much-respected tailored goods from Savnac Sails Matakana.

Looking ahead to Sat. 25 February - Magical Mystery tour - Tour de Kawau

There's a single-handed race on the 18th but that's for the racers only.  Our next social event is the 'Tour de Kawau' which takes place on Saturday 25 February.  Conway is planning a “magical mystery tour” of Kawau Bay which can involve any yacht , launch, or tiny tinny, ending up with a BBQ at Mansion house Bay.  It is more in the nature of a social rally where participants enjoy a day out on the water with family and friends. People are required to to pick up certain objects or gather certain specified information from around Kawau Bay area and bring it to a BBQ in the afternoon.  Those who comply with the requirements will be eligible for a spot prize.  Last year this proved to be a lot of fun; it's a neat event for the whole family to enjoy and we do hope we have a respectable turnout again this year.

Specifics of Tour de Kawau event:

Participants may start at whatever time they like.  They are required to visit a number of places in Kawau Bay, and in their own time and in whatever order they choose, to pick up specified items, and/or to gather information and then to bring those items and information back to a BBQ to be held at Mansion House Bay at 1700hrs. We have two BBQs so if any member has a portable BBQ it would be good if you could bring it.

Any Club member is welcome to come to the BBQ to enjoy a social occasion with friends but only those participants (one boat equals one participant) who provide the required items and information will be eligible for the spot prize draw.

There will be a specific prize for the biggest fish caught and brought to the BBQ for judging. “Biggest” will be decided by popular vote. e.g. it could be the longest or the heaviest.

If the weather is too inclement for a BBQ at Mansion House Bay the Tour de Kawau will end at the Kawau Boat Club at 1700hrs.

Keep a listening watch on VHF Ch 77 for any news of the BBQ.

Here are the items and/or information which participants must supply:

1. Proof that the participant has visited Jones Bay. This could be by way of a selfie photo or a representative rock from thst beach;

2. The exact wording which is written on the shed on the end of the wharf at Rabbit Island and the RCP (regional coastal permit) number which is attached to the wharf just below the shed;

3. Pick up one of the Tour de Kawau tokens which are tied to a yellow buoy (with a SYC flag on top) located adjacent to the 5 knot buoy in Algies Bay just offshore from the boat ramp;

4. What is located at position 360 25.419S 1740 49.700E. For those who do not have a GPS this will require a bit of chart work;

5. Pick up a piece of driftwood from the beach at Moturekareka. There will be a prize (awarded by popular vote) for the best bit of driftwood;

Note:  Some boats will be wanting to head back to Sandspit Yacht Club after the prize-giving to join the yachts from Onerahi Yacht Club and Whangarei Cruising Club who are stopping in Sandspit en route to the start of the Route 66 race the next weekend.


Yanmar Mahurangi Marine Summer Series

Re-capping Sunday 5 Feb - Fred Lidgard Memorial Trophy with Clearwater Cover Yacht Club (Race 5)

The Fred Lidgard Memorial Trophy was sailed on Sunday 5 Feb with boats from Clearwater Cove Yacht Club, based in Hobsonville, joining us for this event.  Wayne and Carol, our sponsors from Mahurangi Marine, kindly donated a bottle of gin (as opposed to the usual voucher) for the winner, to cater for the possibility that a Clearwater boat took the honours.  However, in the near perfect sailing conditions, catamaran '2 of 10' skated around the course in just over 2 hours (and lapped most of the field) to win both line and handicap honours.  Well done to Bob Boyes and his crew.  Congratulations also go to the Hi Jinx team who were a clear second on handicap.  Of note, was John Lidgard, Fred’s son, who at age 86 finished 6th on handicap on Nimble (and 1st on both line and handicap of the Clearwater boats). The after-race get together in the Kawau Boat Club saw all competitors who were present walk away with a prize of some description, and the usual socialising ensued.   

Looking ahead to Sat 18 Feb - Single-handed Race (Race 6)

Not for the faint-hearted!   The start is off Algies Bay at 1100hrs and the start boat is likely to be La Dolce Vita.  For the single-handed race you must wear a lifejacket and carry a waterproof means of communication on your person (e.g. a cell-phone in a waterproof cover/plastic ziplock bag or similar, or, a waterproof hand-held VHF).  You may be checked for compliance with this.  After the race we will meet on the deck of the Sandspit Yacht Clubrooms and cook sausages on the bbq and have a few beers.  As usual with the Summer Series races, there is a $100 voucher from Yanmar Mahurangi Marine at stake.  Wayne has been busy in his shop over the summer and there are lots of useful things in there, so go in and have a look in anticipation of spending your voucher!  Or put it towards servicing your outboard or engine.

Sat 11 March - Ladies Race

Ladies Race with 1100hrs start off Algies.  As the name implies, this is one for the ladies.  Make up a crew of ladies, and join the fun.  The rules are simple.  A female must helm the boat, there are no extras (no kites/spinnakers) and you can tow/carry a dinghy if you like but it's not compulsory.  Men may make up the crew and do the work for the ladies (and serve drinks, and make lunch etc), as long as there's a lady on the helm at all times.  After the race, all genders get together for a BBQ in the Mansion House grounds (approx 1700hrs).  Please BYO meat, salad, tools etc.  Always fun after these races because for once, there's a heap of females around! Here's hoping the weather is kind.


February - Interclub Racing

We raced with Clearwater Cover Yacht Club (Hobsonville) on 5 Feb, then with Gulf Harbour (Whangaparaoa) on 11 Feb.

Last weekend (11th Feb) was a very successful cruising event with the folks from Gulf Harbour.  There were some good tussles between various boats going around the course.  Due to not having their handicaps until late in the day, the call was made not to try to rate their boats against ours and so no race results were processed.  Instead, we added the Gulf Harbour boat names into ‘the hat’ for the cruising spot prizes.  Once again, Conway had excelled at gathering sponsors, so with additional prizes contributed by Gulf Harbour, SYC and Hawks Nest, everyone went away with a prize.  It was well deserved that the Matakana Marine voucher was won by Sheemah, who was the committee boat for the day.  (Thanks again Graham).

Sat 25 Feb - Onerahi and Whangarei boaties invite you to join them at a BBQ on the SYC deck

On Sat 25 February, the Onerahi Yacht Club and Whangarei Cruising Clubs are joining together to race down to Auckland as a fun way of getting to the start of the Route 66 Race (which takes place the following week on Friday 3 March).  As part of their race, they will be making the Sandspit Yacht Club their first destination, with ETA approximately 1600hrs on Sat 25 Feb whereby they're having a BBQ on the deck of our clubrooms.   SYC members not particpating in the Tour de Kawau event are warmly invited to join these sailors (BYO meat and salad) from approximately 1800hrs.

It's unfortunate, but we (SYC) already had a function organised that day and evening - BBQ at Mansion House following the Tour de Kawau social event. We couldn't combine events as they won't know what time their race will finish and as they won't be carrying dinghies it was agreed it's easiest for each of us to do our own thing.  However we do encourage SYC members not doing the Tour de Kawau to consider going down and helping make this a convivial evening by showing SYC support and local hospitality to our guests.

Warkworth Super Liquor Friday night series Update

The Friday night races resumed last Friday 10th February, with a slight twist to the pre-Xmas races.  Instead of doing the usual windward/leeward laps, these guys are trialling a 1-lap course in the hope of getting more boats out to the start line.  It takes the boredom out of an up-down-up-down course, it enables bigger boats to fly spinnakers becasue this way they will have sufficient time to hoist/douse them as the course will be from Algies to a mark (such as Christian Bouy) or an island (Martello, around Mayne Islands etc).  Should be much more interesting and can be more of a cruise rather than a frantic race of hard work as it sometimes is.

On the Friday night race of 10 Feb, it was a bit of a fizzer in terms of the wind as seven boats lined up at the start.  There was hardly any breeze to speak of.  However, the race was able to be completed with Floyd first over the line, and Hallmark first on handicap taking away the $50 Warkworth Super Liquor Voucher.  It was a very close finish with mere seconds between first and third boats: Floyd 1:36:07; Hallmark 1:36:27; Rattle & Rum 1:36:41 followed by Pulse, Sublime and Waimanu and then Matangi (DNF). All agreed it was a good format for racing and drinks back at the Salty Dog brought the evening to an enjoyable conclusion.  The next Friday night races are Friday 24th, then March 10th and March 24th, each with a 1800hrs start time off Algies.

Look for start boat Shemah (thanks Graham) with the after race get-together at Sandspit Café.